Raul Popadineti

Hi, I'm Raul.

My full name is Raul Popadineți. Wait, what? I know, that last name seems complicated. Let's try it using phonemes: /popadinetsɪ/

Better? No? Yeah...I thought so myself. But even if I can't change my last name (at least not without a bunch of paperwork), I'm struggling everyday to change myself into a better person.

The only challenges I face are with my own person, not Ghandi, Jobs or Einstein, me; and I know for sure I conquered one: care.

I treat every client's project like it is mine. That means invest time in understanding the user's interaction with the app: affordances, usability, mistakes, etc. No one can build something bad or ugly if he puts his entire energy and effort in it.

My specialization is backend "baked" with Ruby on Rails and mixed with HTML, CSS and JS.